Is an automatic car for you?

For many years now, automatic cars have been subjected to all manner of prejudice, ranging from accusations of laziness to even being described as ‘not proper cars’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Automatics cars – “autos” for the sake of easy reference – are for those seeking an easier, less stressful driving experience: Convenience, safety and practicality all woven together in the form of an auto. Indeed, for over 50 years we at Automatic Cars Ltd buck that trend of prejudice, having built a successful family business on the value of excellent used low-mileage automatic cars.

For all motorists, be they drivers of cars, bikes or more heavy-duty vehicles, improving the standard of safety when driving is essential for you, other drivers around you and, of course, pedestrians – especially the less alert ones! In this case, automatic gearboxes allow you to keep both hands on the wheel without having to manually change gears. Such a setup allows for more control over the car and more attention diverted toward actually driving, thereby offering a higher level of safety. Ultimately, is that not what we all seek in our cars?

Furthermore, autos provide a wonderfully convenient driving experience. No need to constantly shift gears, the car responds to you rather than you having to prepare the car for the manoeuvre. Combine it with, say. Bluetooth and parking sensors and you’ll have one of the most streamlined driving experiences available.

Practicality, in all things, is so often neglected yet there is so much to be had with an automatic car. All in all, an auto is, without a doubt, easier to drive than a car with a manual gearbox; one of the most important aspects of driving is taken care of for you. The hard work is done on your behalf. Simply put the car into ‘Drive’. Accelerate and brake as and when necessary, and manoeuvre as you would normally – no fuss! Similarly, with the availability of so many different automatic models, you’re bound to find one that meets all your other criteria here, at Automatic Cars Ltd.

Are these not what many drivers want from their cars: Convenience, safety and practicality? We at Automatic Cars Ltd pride ourselves on being able to provide all three in the cars we provide. So please, don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 303 4030 to make an enquiry.