Our Most Popular Cars

Here at Automatic Cars Ltd, we have a wide array of cars, with approximately 200 vehicles from which to choose. But the question remains: Which car? Which model? Which features? Good places to start, even if it’s simply just to familiarise yourself with the subject, are with Fords, Vauxhalls and Nissans - three very popular brands in the UK.


The Ford Fiesta, one of the greatest success stories to come out of the British automotive industry as the highest selling car in the United Kingdom since 2009, has long since been the main go-to car in the UK for over a decade. An affordable model and reliable in the long-term, Fiestas have built a strong reputation amongst its customer base.

Moreover, the Ford Focus, the other partner of this highly popular duo, has also managed to not only gain a foothold within the British automotive market but also maintain a reputation almost as high as the Fiesta. Much like the Fiesta, the Focus champions a compact design perfect for British roads and offer an affordable price tag.

The Ford Kuga, released by Ford in 2008 and another edition in 2017, has been met with positivity and success in the UK. Managing to keep their core elements of Ford car design, while also providing more space, the Kuga represents the ideal combination of space, modern design and original concepts. Indeed, we currently stock of several Kugas, each with a variety of features.


The Vauxhall brand, a mainstay of the British car manufactures, has cultivated brand which has come to be associated with being: family-friendly, reliable, of a high standard of engineering and attractive, as per YouGov. Indeed, the Vauxhall Astra in particular has served as an especially popular model since its release in 1979.

And despite all the hardship of maintaining any sort of heavy industry during this time, Vauxhall has weathered the storm and managed to be a mainstay of British manufacturing, having produced most of its car in Merseyside, at their Ellesmere Port.

Indeed, the Vauxhall Astra has come to be seen as the familyhatchback, helping it establish a brand image capable of rivalling the likes of Ford within the British market.

Here at Automatic Cars, we’ve come to see the popularity of the Vauxhall Astra over time. In fact, it’s one of the most popular models we stock, alongside the Vauxhall Corsa!

Indeed, the Corsa has become one of the most successful cars within the British automotive market, selling over 2.1 million since its original model was released in 1993. Much like the Ford, the Vauxhall Corsa has become a favourite of the British public and for good reason.

We stock many Corsa models at our Welling showroom, each with low mileage and incredibly useful features to give you that pleasurable driving experience. For example, several of our Vauxhall Corsas features both satellite navigation and parking sensors, thereby ensuring excellent vision and navigational capabilities.


Alongside the Fords and Vauxhalls, one can’t forget the Nissan Juke, a superb example of Japanese ingenuity. Interestingly, the success of the Nissan Juke is a testament to the strength of the British automotive industry, given the vast investment Nissan has put into its Sunderland plant, both in terms of money and trust.

Indeed, the Nissan Juke itself has been a huge success in the UK with over a quarter of a million cars sold in the UK alone. In developing a more compact crossover SUV, Nissan entered a new niche with its exceptionally efficient engine design.

Here at Automatic Cars we stock several such models, all with varying features, such as satellite navigation, parking sensors and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and all with low mileage. It’s certainly worth enquiring about directly, either by checking our website or calling us on: 02083034030.